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I have changed my app to make it work with nuxt i18n and the translation seems to work when I access the routes directly. I have the following structure in my app and each step is one page with different components inside.

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In the documentation it says I need to add localePath for my nuxt-links to make it work with the i18n plugin. It seems that there is something wrong in the routing or the way I handle the subpages. Can anyone help me with this? Learn more. Asked 5 months ago.

nuxt router push not working

Active 5 months ago. Viewed times. My nuxt config: In the documentation it says I need to add localePath for my nuxt-links to make it work with the i18n plugin.

For example this. It redirects always to the frontpage. Why is it not working with a normal link in the template? But isn't that something nuxt is handling automatically? In this example, there is always a duplicate for each page. Also the i18n is loaded as plugin instead of a nuxt module.It will create a dist folder with everything inside ready to be deployed on GitHub Pages hosting.

Branch gh-pages for project repository OR branch master for user or organization site. More documentation about it. If you deployed dist folder without adding router basewhen you visit the deployed site you will find that the site is not working due to missing assets. To fix the issue we need to add router base configuration in nuxt. There is a downside adding router. To fix this issue, we want to create a conditional for router. For Windows user, you might want to install cross-env if you are not using bash.

Add a deploy command to your package. You can take deployment one step further and rather than having to manually compile and deploy the files from your local install, you can make use of a build server to monitor your GitHub repository for new commits and then checkout, compile and deploy everything for you automatically. Before you configure the build server, you'll first need to generate a GitHub personal access token in order to grant the build server permission to perform tasks on your behalf.

Once you have created your token, keep a copy of it safe ready to use a little later on. To deploy with Travis CIa free for open source projects build server, sign in via your GitHub account, granting Travis access to view your repositories, and then enable the build server for your repository by toggling the switch next to your repositories name in the list displayed.

Next, click the cog icon beside your repository name to configure the general settings of the build sever and enable the 'Build only if. Finally, create a. Now, whenever you commit any changes to your repository, from within Travis, you'll see a new build start up. To deploy via Appveyoranother free for open source projects build server, sign up for a new account choosing the GitHub authentication option to sign in using your GitHub account.

Once signed in, click the 'New project' link and then click the 'Add' button beside your repository name in the list displayed to enable the build server on your repository.

Next, in the root of your repository, create an appveyor. NB This configuration assumes you've configured your package. Now, whenever you commit any changes to your repository, from within Appveyor, you'll see a new build start up. Caught a mistake or want to contribute to the documentation? Edit this page on GitHub! Platinum Sponsors. Configuration How to use external resources? How to use pre-processors? How to use JSX? How to add PostCSS plugins? How to extend webpack config? How to add webpack plugins?

How to use cached components? How to use Google Analytics? How to share cross origin resource?Usually router. But now its only changing the url query and its not refreshing data.

Fixed in v1. Same issue, someone have any suggestions? Or its a new way to update only an url query? Before that for this purpose i was using history. Can I use this.

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For me, the router push is working, even in production, I have the problem only when pushing another query into the same route. The url changes, but the fetch method doesnt fire:.

I have another related issue: I have next structure:. And 'B' doesn't fire on changing query in th route even after adding "watchQuery" key. I've tried using this new undocumented breaking feature seriously, what kind of attitude to users is that?

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After some debugging it turned out that asyncData gets called once again on params update, but new result from asyncData isn't persisted in data later. I also have a similar issue.

nuxt router push not working

Most of the time the route just isn't updated, and I just get a blank page, the loading bar reaches completion but just stays there. Sometimes it does work though, it's inconsistent.

I've found the most consistent behaviour is using: router. It seems to act as consistently as navigation links in templates. Atinux alexchopin this is quite serious. I have also experienced what Zip saying:. This creates massive inconsistency and also means we can't really use asyncdata on pages with params update. To me this is a bug. I think asyncData should be called after the destroyed hook.

Atinux I don't have a repo to show at the moment still in the process to separate my code. The index. I hope I can publish sometimes soon the cms but currently its not ready, I still investigate other issues as well.At least, it does not go just out of the box. That may be the social network authentication or some custom user less one-time-token access.

In case of a complex application I would rather write the authentication module by myself and get extendable and customizable solution. Every step fits to the appropriate commit from the repo I created specially for this tutorial. If you meet any difficulties, check out and get the working solution.

You can skip this section if you prefer to use firebase or if you are experienced enough to build the backend by yourself. Please set up mysql server, create the user and the database and make sure you have the recent node installed I use v9.

Add this table to the database the user password is bcrypted :. Clone this repo and check out to the first commit. It has the backend folder with config. Copy it to config. Create index. Run the server with node index.

Nuxt Authentication from Scratch

If everything works, you should get the following result:. If it is, we generate the token that contains user id and email with jsonwebtoken library:. Login page will use fullscreen template we want to show just a form on a blank screen :. For now we should be able to browse main, admin and login pages without any restriction.

And the store is the good place for that. Now we can complete the submit action from the login page yes, we have to add axios into the project as well :.

Of course, we have to add the plugin to the nuxt. Check if it works now. Error messages if any should appear over the form. The click on Check Me button gives error and resets the user. We have to store the auth token somewhere at the client, and this will be cookies.

They are different. The second one will parse the cookie header on server side. Now we can log in, and the click on Check Me button at the admin page works correctly because axios now has the valid x-access-token header. If it does not work especially if the api lives on the separate domaincheck the response headers, Access-Control-Allow-Origin should include the front end url e.

nuxt router push not working

Add the log out action to the admin page:. This also works. Assume that we load the page and it has x-access-token cookie. It should return a promise. We want to restrict an access to the admin page for non-authenticated user. For example, we can add this code to a protected page:. Then add the middleware to the project:. Currently we have a working solution.

We can log in, then reload admin page and stay being authenticated, make check request and log out as well. The first step here will be registering the app in google developers console, creating OAuth 2. Then install googleapis. Now, if everything is ok, we have the current user email.You can therefore call this.

To navigate to a different URL, use router. This method pushes a new entry into the history stack, so when the user clicks the browser back button they will be taken to the previous URL. Note : params are ignored if a path is provided, which is not the case for queryas shown in the example above. Instead, you need to provide the name of the route or manually specify the whole path with any parameter:.

These callbacks will be called when the navigation either successfully completed after all async hooks are resolvedor aborted navigated to the same route, or to a different route before current navigation has finishedrespectively.

Note: If the destination is the same as the current route and only params are changing e. It acts like router. This method takes a single integer as parameter that indicates by how many steps to go forwards or go backwards in the history stack, similar to window. You may have noticed that router.

Nuxt.js Internationalization without route param

It is worth mentioning that Vue Router navigation methods pushreplacego work consistently in all router modes historyhash and abstract. Release Notes. The argument can be a string path, or a location descriptor object.To define a dynamic route with a parameter, you need to define a.

Watch a free lesson about dynamic routes on Vue School. As you can see the route named users-id has the path :id? Warning: dynamic routes are ignored by the generate command: API Configuration generate. If the validate method does not return true or a Promise that resolve to trueor throws an Error, Nuxt. To define the parent component of a nested route, you need to create a Vue file with the same name as the directory which contain your children views. This scenario should not often happen, but it is possible with Nuxt.

This will handle requests that do not match a more specific request. More on redirecting can be found here. To specify named view of page we need to extend router config in nuxt. It require to extend interested route with 2 properties components and chunkNames. Named view in this config example has name top. You can enable SPA fallbacks for dynamic routes too. Most static hosting services can be configured to use the SPA template if no file matches.

You can access the current route parameters within your local page or component by referencing this. Surge can handle both GitHub Pages and Netlify recognize the Firebase Hosting can handle the To add a fade transition to every page of your application, we need a CSS file that is shared across all our routes, so we start by creating a file in the assets folder.

More information about the transition key: API Configuration transition. You can also define a custom transition for a specific page with the transition property. More information about the transition property: API Pages transition.

Middleware lets you define custom functions that can be run before rendering either a page or a group of pages. You can also defined page-specific middleware by using a function directly, see anonymous middleware. In universal mode, middlewares will be called server-side once on the first request to the Nuxt app or when page refreshes and client-side when navigating to further routes. In SPA mode, middlewares will be called client-side on the first request and when navigating to further routes.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I want to support script Router push in Nuxt. I already make a website using Vue. So, I make a new front-end using Nuxt. I copy some components from directory Vue. In Vue. It's working well.

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But in Nuxt. Learn more. Asked 1 year, 2 months ago.

nuxt router push not working

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